God can do the impossible

A Word
of Inspiration
All things are working together for good

The other day, I was reflecting on a few verses in Isaiah 41, verses 17 to 21:

"The poor and needy are seeking water when there is none; their tongues are parched with thirst. I the Lord will answer them. I the God of Israel, will not forsake them. I will open rivers in the desolate heights and fountains in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water and the dry land springs of water. I will plant in the wilderness the cedar, the acacia, the myrtle and the wild olive; I will set the cypress in the desert, the plane tree and the pine tree together, that men may see and know and consider and understand together that the hand of the Lord has done this, that the Holy One of Israel has created it."

As I read this, it gave me encouragement to know that God can provide what we need in miraculous ways. Take a moment to think about it - water and trees being in places where it is impossible for them to be naturally. However through these things God is showing us that He can do what is impossible for us as humans to do. You see, God is limited by nature, for He created it. Therefore in this passage He provided for the poor and needy, who needed water and other resources. No wilderness, no dry land, no valley could stop Him!

Now think about us today. No doubt we often face different kinds of 'wilderness', 'dry land', 'valley' and 'mountain' - but they are not physical. These terms can describe difficulties that we face - it could be a mountain to be overcome in a marriage, a dry land in our finances. We may be in a desert of loneliness and rejection or in a wilderness situation regarding family issues. There are so many difficult situations we could name out one after the other. However God is saying to us through these verses, that in whatever area of life we may be experiencing lack, He can make a way. Nothing is too hard for Him. Remember what the Bible says - His ways are not our ways. His ways are 'higher'. This means that God can and will work in ways we cannot understand. He is not limited as we are. This gives us hope to know that He can do for us and through us that which is impossible for us to do by ourselves. Indeed the Bible is full of examples of how God has acted miraculously. A few example are: Daniel in the lions' den (Daniel 6), God's parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14) and David defeating Goliath (1 Samuel 17). There are so many more I could list! There are two brief points I want so share to help us experience God's miraculous provision. The first one is that it is vital that we seek God. Note what is said in Isaiah 41 - the poor and needy were seeking water from God. So great was their need that there tongues were parched with thirst. They sought him sincerely in prayer. That's why the scripture says "I the Lord will answer them". He couldn't say that He would answer if they didn't ask Him anything. It is the same with us. Whatever our need or situation, let us seek God in prayer. Jesus said in Matthew 7:7,8 "...seek and you will find". God is well pleased when we in faith pray to Him.

The second point is that we must note the reason why God lovingly acts on our behalf. It says in the latter part of the scripture above "...that men will see and know and consider and understand that the Lord has done this...". God often works in our lives in certain ways in order to reveal Himself as a loving Heavenly Father to mankind. It is all about Him. When we ask, and He in response comes through for us, we should give Him all the credit, praise, thanks and adoration. As God continues to bless, guide and help us who seek Him, it is up to us to tell others about His love, mercy and grace.


A Word of Inspiration All things are working together for good